Your BIGGEST Assest = YOU

Your BIGGEST Assest = YOU

Why is it we are so material? We insure our house and our car, but when it comes time to protect OURSELVES and our FAMILY we hesitate, we have to think about it....until too often it’s too late.

It’s human nature. We think "It will never happen to me".

However the statistics tell us a very different story. A story that I learned one day from my son, when his girlfriend, aged 23, felt something wrong, and a couple months later was told she has cancer. A life changer for everyone! It didn't make sense, how could a healthy, active beautiful young lady have cancer? This is one of lifes mysteries, something we won't ever know.

What we do know, however, is that our will to survive as human beings is bigger than us. As a result we and our loved ones will do anything to survive. We will quit our jobs, sell our retirement assets, loose our homes and do whaterver it takes to get through. If you have been diagnosed with Cancer, are going through treatments, or have ever dealt with any health related scare you know exactly what that means. Not only are we affected, are loved ones, the ones who will do anything to help us, are affected too. So what can you do?

PLAN. Financial planning is key. Make the time to sit down with someone to discuss and determine what's best for you and your situation. It is about being responsible in the present for what may happen in the future. Many of us have no problem spending money on a coffee or a night out, but when it comes to looking at protecting our income we hesitate. Life should be about finding the balaance between ebing responsible for the NOW and for the FUTURE. Don't wait until something happens. Take action now for you and your loved ones.

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