Continue to Learn with Workshops

Continue to Learn with Workshops

One of the most important lessons I have realized is that as humans we should never start learning and growing our knowledge. I used to think as a young women that when I finished school I would be done learning, that I would know it all! Oh how wrong I was. I have learnt the most valuable lessons outside of a classroom by engaging with other people who have experienced and lived a different path. Sharing and exhcanging stories has shown me that we all have so much to offer.

However I have found that most of us are so reluctant to step out and try something new. Some might agree that we are afraid to leave the familiar behind. We get comfortable and don't want to put ourselves in situations in which we might get uncomfortable. What I know is that from discomfort comes growth. New experiences help us get more connected to who we are, giving us knowledge that can spring board us forward. Imagine how amazing it would feel to create a new level of life, one that involves a deeper connection to not only yourself but to those around you!

In order to create this feeling we need to step away from fear and toward possibility. I encourage you to try something new, to learn who you really are or who you are meant to be. For me workshops are a great way to do this. Workshops offer a safe, guided environment in which you can explore areas that excite you and meet inspiring people.

With summer slowly coming to an end and we start to fall back into our schedules many incredible Workshops are beginning to pop up. One of my favourite is put on by Elizabeth Critchley. She believes that we need to "Dream Big, Train Well and Finish Strong" As a life coach and owner of Impact Coaching she lives these words in all areas of her life. Her workshops allow you to explore and connect to your true power.

Some of my other favourite ways to learn and meet new people are through painting classes, yoga, or even taking my dog to the local dog park and sparking a conversation with someone I haven't talked to before. Putting your self outthere isn't the easiest, but it is so worth it.

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