Divorce and financial planning - know your options

Divorce and financial planning - know your options

It is Wonderful Having Options!

Life is a journey, and when we have options, it can be made easier, but you need to know what those options are or that they even exist.

If you know someone going through Separation and Divorce they need to know they have options. Options to get appropriate advice, options to get educated, options that can make a big difference in the future.

It used to be( and many still believe) you went straight to the lawyer and courts to get a Divorce. Not true now. The system is so over loaded and the costs so great, one is wise to approach things differently. This is where divorce and financial planning professionals like a Financial Divorce Specialist come in.

Would you like some help with divorce and financial planning? Contact me.

Divorce is 80% about the money. Child Support, Spousal Support, Division of Assets. If it is about the money, then one would think that the professionals involved know about financial issues. This is not always true.

I`ve seen where one party has been awarded more than 50% of an asset where the law does not allow that. I`ve seen where support is calculated on Line 150 of a self employed person where the `True income” is much much more. I’ve seen where insurance that should be in place has lapsed. Just because you have 50% today, doesn’t mean you will have 50% tomorrow.

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