Marriage Story Rewrite .......... a better process

Marriage Story Rewrite .......... a better process

Marriage Story, an award winning movie, portrays the traditional litigation model for separation and divorce.  However, we would like to rewrite and show you a better way for you and your family.

If your Goals and Interests for your divorce is to move forward with the least amount of stress, time, cost and conflict, especially so the children are not caught in the middle of your mess, then read on.

Divorce is emotional.  It is about money.  It is about your future.  It is about sharing your parenting and time with your children.  Then you put all your agreements into a legal document with your lawyer.

So lets start with giving you emotional support, communication skills and strategies.  Let's add knowledge and education about the money.  Let talk about income and what you need. Let us discuss together, the best process for your situation.

Peacemakers for Families  is worth consideration BEFORE you make any further decisions.  Our passion is helping families move through their situation in a better way, supported at every step.  What you need, when you need it. 

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