Separation & Divorce in 2020

Separation & Divorce in 2020

New Years Resolution…. time to create a new life …. But where do you start?

Start with getting good information about the process of getting a separation and divorce.  Call us. 403-873-0292

Think of a time where you or someone you know, had a medical issue.  Depending on the severity, one decides where to go.  If it was an emergency, you get to the hospital and triage begins. Often, most of the time we book an appointment with our doctor.  We go in, they ask us questions, we get information and recommendations.  We might need additional tests, more questions will be asked, we get referred to the professionals.

Think of the process of separation and divorce the same way.  There are many paths to your end goal.  It depends on the current situation and issues. 

Most often, we are emotional about many things.   That is normal.  The money and financial situation are worrisome.  That is also normal.  But these are the issues that can run a case into bankruptcy.

We say divorce is an emotional and financial situation with legal implications.  So why do most people start with the legal first?  Because that’s what we think we need to do.   Re-Think!

We recommend starting with emotional support and financial information, by having a conversation with us about the process’s available for you, your children, your family.  Yes, sometimes that conversation includes a lawyer immediately, but often you can do some foundation work so that in the long run you save time, stress and cost.  You are also getting professional help from those who are licenced to give that advice.  

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are many.   Self representing, kitchen table agreements, mediation, collaboration, arbitration, settlement meetings, and combinations that lead to a Separation Agreement. Traditional settlement and litigation are always our last resort.

No matter what process you use, we always recommend independent legal advice (ILA).  You can ultimately decide what level makes sense for you. The cost and hours needed will depend on the complexity of issues and the conflict level.

We are passionate about helping families get through their situation with the least amount of conflict.  Too many families, especially children are messed up for a long time.  It does not have to play out that way.

We have an abundance of education, experience, knowledge with a proven track record.  We also hold the appropriate professional designations and licences, which mean we are accountable for the work we do. Our team has PHD, (Psychologist,) CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CFDS (Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist) RFM (Registered Family Mediator)

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