How To Keep The Summer Lovin Vibes Going - Even During Divorce

As Originally Published In Trifecta Magazine:

Summers are for lovin'. Kicking back, enjoying the summer sun, laughing and just having fun.   But that may not be reality for you or someone you know. 

Relationship and marriage issues may be putting a spoiler on that.   But wait!!!  It doesn't have to be that way.  You can make a choice to move on and do it in a healthy and respectful way and still have time for lovin' life again. 

Education is key.  Finding out that there are better ways to move forward than the traditional litigation model is your first step.  Our passion is to promote a Collaborative process.  You engage a team of professionals and as long as both parties have an interest and healthy respect to move forward, then it is very possible and likely to have a positive outcome.

Separation and divorce are very emotional on many levels, so part of the team is an emotional coach.  Their role is to help you with knowledge and strategies that will work for you and your family going forward.  

Money also plays a major role, so having a Certified Financial Planner and Financial Divorce Specialist just makes sense.  These roles are neutral and work with both parties for the good of the family.  We can be creative with strategies and make sure more money is kept in the family than spent on fighting over things your can not control.

You will both have your own lawyer, both of whom are specially trained in the Collaborative process.  Their legal role is to give you ILA (Independent Legal Advice) and put your agreement in a legal contract that is binding.  

Children are precious beings and the last thing we want is to have any child used in the process of negotiations.  There is no room for any of that.  What often happens is parents have different views and parenting styles, so also part of the team can be a parenting coach if needed.  Another neutral party to help you navigate a plan that makes sense for the children and their well being.  

The question we get all the time is ``This seems like it will cost so much with all the professionals``. The fact is, we are often able to have a meeting and it is very possible to get settlement on several items, were in a traditional model that might take months and many letters back and forth and still no agreement on just one item.  The team is motivated to keep meetings to a minimum and get agreement in a timely manner.  The real cost is a healthy respect and a plan for your family that can move through the years.  

Call The Financial Divorce Specialist Inc. and find out more.  You will never regret the education you will receive.  Ph: 403-873-0292 or email 

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