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Divorce Planning

Professional financial advice during, before or after divorce can provide you and your spouse with critical and time sensitive information, support and advice.

How does The Financial Divorce Specialist help?

  • Help you see what your financial and money situation would look like IF you proceed with a separation and divorce.
  • Help you understand the process of divorce. At what point do you engage a lawyer?
  • Refer you to the appropriate professionals based on your situation.
  • Work on your Collaborative Team.
  • Help you understand different options, the pros and cons of separation proposals.
  • Mediate you and your spouse in a timley, cost effective , respectful manner.
  • Help you with your new cash flow and budget.
  • Advise you on your investments. Make sure you protect your assets during your settlement process.
  • Create a new Financial Plan for your future.

Whether you are thinking about divorce, just starting, in the middle, or finishing... Don't face the life event of separation or divorce on your own. It is so much easier to let the Financial advice divorce professionals help you so you can get on with your life.

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