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Timing & Fees

While you can engage The Financial Divorce Specialist at any time during the separation and divorce process, you will benefit if we are your first call.

Preparation, knowledge and planning are your best assets right now. We can help you gain all three.

As experienced and accredited divorce financial planner professionals, The Financial Divorce Specialist can help you collect all your financial data and prepare your Financial Statements.

And we can analyze various scenarios of desired asset splitting so you can see potential future outcomes.
Get educated with a divorce financial planner, before you take the information to your lawyer to start the higher-cost legal process.

If during your free half hour consultation you decide our services will help, you pay a retainer fee.
The amount of the total fee is based on the nature of the services required and will be discussed and approved by you prior to any work being done.

What are Certified divorce financial analyst fees?

The first half hour and coffee is on on us

Our services are offered on a fee-for-time hourly basis based on the services you require:

  • educate you on what you can expect
  • discuss financial options pros & cons
  • help you decide what kind of team makes best use of your money
  • referrals to mediators, lawyers, business valuators, pension valuators, appraisers
  • help you with cash flow & budget
  • for self employed discuss what your imputed income might look like

Call today to schedule your free half hour consultation and learn more about certified divorce financial analyst fees.

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