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Mediation can be a viable alternative to divorce litigation. Lawyers are trained to be adversarial, AND getting involved with the courts can be costly, destructive, frustrating and a time wasting nightmare that may last for years, negatively affecting all parties in the dispute.

Tips for divorce mediation:
  • The big plus is mediation can be tens of thousands of dollars cheaper than fighting it out in court.
  • Another plus is the fact that you can address all your concerns before the process ends, while in court you are often limited to the issues the lawyers feel are pertantent.
  • Divorce is never stress free but the mediation process keeps conflict to a minimum while providing an opportunity for more positive future in dealing with issues.
Why let someone else decide what's best for you and your family?

You can negotiate with your partner and decide what makes sense. Once that process is exhasted , then go to the lawyer for the final independent advice. (ILA) There are times however where ILA is required sooner than later.

The Mediators role is to keep you on track, assure negotiations are fair and help with roadblocks to keep the communications flowing.

Mediation is a negotiated "agreement" between divorcing spouses on issues that can include your children, parenting plans, expenses, support, division of assets and more. The spouses speak for themselves based on their own individual needs and priorities. Since divorce is often 80% about the money, why not hire an expert in that area to guide you. We will educate you and discuss the pros and cons. What we will NOT do is give you legal advice, or pick sides.

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